Graver ou brûler un CD/DVD

Au Canada, on entend souvent “brûler un CD”, termes empruntés de l’anglais “to burn a CD.” D’après Le Petit Robert, le verbe brûler veut dire “détruire par le feu.” Comme ce n’est pas bien de brûler vos CD, utilisez plutôt le verbe graver.


In Canada, we often hear “brûler un CD”, term borrowed from the English language “to burn a CD.” According to Le Petit Robert, the verb brûler means “to destroy by fire.” Since it’s not nice to burn your CDs, use the verb graver (to etch) instead.

7 Responses to Graver ou brûler un CD/DVD

  1. Hans says:

    wow, your handy tips are really great. Definitely subscribed to your blog. Hope to read lots of fun new stuff from you.

  2. pngpingching says:

    Merci Hans. Je suis heureux de voir que mes articles te plaisent.


    Thank Hans, I’m glad to see that you like my posts.

  3. clive says:

    Like here in Mtius we tend to translate creole words into french. The phrase “mo la tete fer mal” in creole becomes upon translation in french “ma tete a mal”. In English it is “my head aches”. So literally the translation should be ok.

    Keep it up Pat. Nice blog!

  4. pngpingching says:

    Thanks Clive.

    Its very easy to literally translate a sentence. I still do it sometimes.

  5. farouk says:

    comment grave cd

  6. Lynn says:

    You write very well.

  7. pngpingching says:

    Thank you.

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