D’une manière générale, 2007 a été une bonne année pour mon épouse et moi. Nous avons fait un voyage à Paris et à Maurice, obtenu nos permis de conduire au Canada, acheté notre première voiture et notre première maison. Pourrions-nous faire mieux en 2008 ? Je doute fort.


In general, 2007 has been a very good year for my wife, and I. We flew to Paris and Mauritius, got our Canadian driver’s license, bought our first car, and our first house. Will we be able to top 2007 ? I highly doubt it.

4 Responses to 2007

  1. Dodo says:

    Good for both of you and hope that the coming yrs will bring more goodies. Next you will have to go somewhere in the Caribbean – to get away when it is below 0 celsius here and going to Mauritius is not possible timewise.

    Where there is a will there is a way 🙂

  2. pngpingching says:

    Thanks Dodo.

    I think it’s safe to say that my wife and I won’t be taking any vacation soon although like you said: “where there is a will, there is a way.” We still have a lot to do with the house. We have to furnish it. Knowing that we would be buying a house at some point, we did not buy a lot of things including furniture. We now have to furnish the house. We happy that the house came with a finish basement where we think we will put a home theatre system down the road. But for now, we need to breathe a little bit, at least financially 🙂

  3. S says:

    Yeah, you have a mortgage to pay now… for 25 years.

  4. pngpingching says:

    S: Yes, I do 😦 As soon as I have everything sorted out, I’ll invite the bank directors to come and see what they have bought, because they are the “real” owners for the next 25 years 🙂

    Seriously, when one buys a house, one should not look at the price of the house only. I have had to replace the sump pump, and now I just found out that the “wireless” side of my Linksys router is dead. I can only use it with a network cable. This is not good as my wife’s computer is in another room, and will be accessing the internet using a wireless connection. I cannot have her computers in the same room as mine because when I am studying, I don’t like to be interrupted with noise, but I cannot prevent her from using her computer to do whatever she wants to do either.

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