Après la tempête de neige – After the snow storm

 Vous aimez la neige?


 Do you like snow?

Neige 2 - Snow 2

Neige 4 - Snow 4

Neige 3 - Snow 3

3 Responses to Après la tempête de neige – After the snow storm

  1. Dodo says:

    Had fun removing pellets laden snow ?
    So far i have a snow hill as high as the first storey of my house ( have to be very careful when I pull out of the drive way) and the snow drifts have blocked all the outside windows of my basement – nearly 330 cm so far in Montreal after 9 snow storms ( 3 in the last 8 days)

  2. c says:

    At first sight, snow sounds nice, but it is when it melts that nightmare starts. Mud looks and looks dirty…

  3. pngpingching says:

    @ Dodo

    Yes, I had fun. My arms are so sore. Believe it or not, I have lost weight just from shovelling since January. I guess a little exercise is better than no exercise.

    According to University of Waterloo, Kitchener now has a new record. The previous record was 245.3 cm snow in 1923-1924. Of course, this record is nothing compared to the normal amount of snow in Montreal or in Eastern Canada.

    @ C
    You’re right. But too much snow can be a nightmare too. Like when you don’t know where to put it.

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