Free online courses from University of Yale

University of Yale has taped some of its courses and made them accessible to anyone for free here. You should check it out !

2 Responses to Free online courses from University of Yale

  1. Shah says:

    Thank you very much. I’ve always been attracted to philo. Thanks to your post leading me to the courses, I get to learn 🙂 Again, thanks 🙂
    Enjoy your Sunday 🙂

  2. pngpingching says:


    You’re welcome. The available courses are of very high quality. We can only hope that Yale make more courses available in the future. I don’t know if Harvard is doing the same thing. I have to check.

    The Psychology course should be interesting too. Although I can’t remember everything I did in my Introduction to Psychology class, I learned a lot. To this day, it’s one of the most interesting course I ever took. I learned about the importance of sleep (in learning), why I can hear someone calling my name in a noisy night club, and why a mother will hear her child, but not the train in the middle of the night. I also learned that depression is considered the common cold of mental disorders, and is far more common than one would think.

    Anyway, enjoy the courses. I know I will. Technology is a wonderful thing.


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