Spanking in Canada

Contrary to popular belief, spanking is legal in Canada. Many have tried to make spanking illegal in Canada, but never succeeded. You can read about the last failed attempt here.

Until recently, I have never viewed spanking as something bad when used reasonably. I, myself, grew up in a culture where spanking was allowed. But now, I’m finding myself moving towards the other end of the spectrum for one simple reason: abuse of power. Generally, adults don’t hit other adults even if they are angry. Why then should it be different for children?

6 Responses to Spanking in Canada

  1. Clive says:

    What do you do when your children do not obey you despite numerous warnings? To fine arrive dan en situation kot to nepli ena la voix. Your kids prefer to eat sweets and when you prohibit them, they begin to cry. What do you do? Spoil them? As you mentioned, it is ok when used reasonably.

  2. Patrick Ng says:

    This is a grey area indeed. I said that I’m finding myself moving towards the other end of the spectrum, but I’m not there yet 🙂

    Going back to your example, I guess the best thing to do is to let them cry. Crying won’t kill a child. In fact, my parents did that to me a few times: they let me cry until I stopped and realised that I was not going to win the argument.

    I think, as parents, we should stand by our decisions and not give up when our children persist. I’m not saying that my parents don’t have flaws, they do. However, my brothers and I always knew that when they said “no,” they were never going to change their answer, regardless of how much we tried. I’m about to become a father myself. I’ll tell you more later. Sometimes there are things that are easier said than done.

    The issue with corporal punishment is “resonably.” How do we define it? What is reasonable to one person might not be to another. Even what is reasonable for us changes depending on how angry we are at a particular moment.

  3. Clive says:

    First of all congratulations!

    True let the child crying would not kill him. But after a hard day’s work, you won’t be able to stand the recurrent cries of your kid. And your neighbours too!
    Films portraying a child taken away by the child protection officer once a kid’s cries were heard by the neighbour tend to shed the parent in a bad light. The US have stringent laws on this issue. What about Canada?

    Here we have laws which prohibit a teacher from hitting a child who lacks discipline at school. Is it good? I used to think that if the child does not study, let him be. But at the other end, it can be viewed as a lack of authority you have over the kid.

    My parents too let me cry until i stopped. They had the patience. But will we follow their example?? They had the support of their parents but as the family become more nuclear, the outcome might be different. Guess it’s all about your attitude as you boldly mentioned. Keep us updated on this issue future papa poule :p

  4. Patrick Ng says:

    Thank you.

    But after a hard day’s work, you won’t be able to stand the recurrent cries of your kid. And your neighbours too!

    To be honest, I thought about that too. Stress and fatigue can make “reasonably” become “unreasonably.” However, there are times when kids do put their parents’ patience to the test. I’ve seen some cases here where I said to myself that it was me, I would have already received a slap in the face with some nice words coming out of my dad’s mouth 🙂 Only time will tell how I will act.

    In Canada, the laws are pretty similar to the ones in the US. I don’t know much, but so far spanking is still legal. That being said, there have been cases where kids were taken away by children services because of spanking, although no crimial charges could be pressed against the parents. These are “visible” cases. Worse things happen behind closed doors sometimes which nobody knows about. I want to find out more about the laws, but I don’t see myself calling Service Canada and say, “Is it legal for me to spank my kids?” I will be raising some red flags 🙂

    As for studying, my parents found a nice trick. I loved javelin when I was in college. They told me that my grades at school would determine if I would keep training after school hours.

    Unfortunately, a kid does not come with a manual. How we raise our kids depend on the culture we come from, our education, and our personal views of what is best for our kids.

  5. Clive says:

    Anyway I’msure you both will be lovely parents. BTW when are you expecting?

  6. Patrick Ng says:

    Thank you. We don’t know yet. My wife’s pregancy is a high risk one. She’s had so many ultrasound sessions, but the baby still would not let us know. They think it’s a girl.

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