Angelica Marie Ng Ping Ching

Angelica Marie Ng Ping Ching was born today (11 December 2008) at 15:04.  I’ll write more later…I’m dead tired right now.




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  1. Vicky says:


    Welcome to the world Angelica! What a beautiful name, for a gorgeous baby!!!

    Thanks for sharing pictures so quickly. I’ve been dying for news!

  2. Clive says:

    Re congrats!
    Hope mother and girl are ok. How much does Angelica weigh? 10 pounds? Do not have a clear view of the figures on the scale. Hehe! Now is the real challenge. Who will wake up to feed Angelica each 2-3 hour and at night.:)

  3. Eddy Young says:

    Congratulations to the new parents!

    You think you’ll have to write, but you won’t. You just don’t know it yet 🙂


  4. Quentin Lageer says:

    Congrats on the arrival of Angelica @ 3.560466 lbs. Now that is small. Hope she is doing well and the parents are getting some sleep. Just thing of it this way, you will never have enough sleep any more. 🙂

    Really Congrats and welcome Angelica.

  5. Patrick Ng says:

    Thank you all for the nice comments.

    We had two names in mind, but Angelica seemed to fit her better. The other name was “Lea Marie.” I spent an hour staring at the pictures yesterday 🙂 Both names would have been easy to pronounce for both French-speaking and English-speaking people.

    Baby is doing okay. Because she’s so small (1.615 kg), and has to keep her body temperature up, her blood sugar was dropping. She is now fed some “sugar water” through an intravenous line. There are two needles in her head, which is not easy for parents to see. As far as feeding go, she’ll be breasfed, so Sheron will have to do the feeding, but I’ll be in the same room, so most likely I’ll be waken up too. But, this was a choice we made when we decided to have a baby 🙂

    You might be right 🙂 I would like to add some more details. It’s been a roller coaster ride since November. Sheron and I were so scared.

    Sheron is still in the hospital, and I’m home at night. That does not mean that I can sleep more, however. There’s so much to do before the baby comes home, but I’m excited 🙂

  6. Jpaul says:

    that girl has the eyes of sheron is too small for me 😀

    im Uncle hihi xD

    i wish i could take her in my arms, she’s so far away from me =,(

  7. Ghisline says:

    Bonjour Patrick,
    Félicitations à vous deux! Un très beau cadeau de Noël. Elle aura besoin de vos soins mais vous saurez les lui donner dans l’amour et le tour sera joué.
    Au plaisir,

  8. Jpaul says:

    Btw her grandfather was born on 9dec and she 11 dec pretty funny 😀

  9. Christine says:

    Félicitations aux nouveaux parents!!!! Je vous shouaite plein de beaux moments en compagnie de votre Angelica (quel beau prénom!)! Patrick, une bonne idée pour endormir BB : parle-lui de Liverpool et Bordeaux…Ha! Ha! Ha!
    Prenez bien soin de vous.

  10. Paul Snowdon says:

    Congratulations from Tanya and I on your new arrival!

    She is a beautiful little girl!

    Get your sleep while you can now 🙂

  11. Barb Boshart says:

    Congradulations! She is a beautiful little girl. We are so happy for you! Barb

  12. Agnès Laurent says:


    Je suis très heureuse pour vous deux! J’espere que Sheron se remettra bien de la césariene. Une nouvelle étape de votre vie arrive, bravo et encore bravo, j’ai hate de vorie Angélica . A bientot,

  13. Cat says:

    Oh my what a beautiful baby girl!!!! Congrats guys this was a long hard road at times but there in those pictures is the most amazing gift that patience brings. Thank you for sharing pictures with everyone! Sheron you did good girl!!! i can’t wait to teach her all the bad things hehehe…well maybe i will let Nica do that haha Miss ya girl and if you guys need anything just let me know!

  14. Célyne Lizotte says:

    Bravo à papa et maman

    j’espère que vous allez bien tous les trois. j’ai hâte de voir d’autres photos

    Le nom d’angélique lui va à merveille.

    Je vous souhaite à tous les trois de passer de merveilleuses Fêtes.

    Grosses bises XXX


  15. Congratulations to both of you and a great and warm welcome to Angelica.
    Thanks for sharing the good news and pictures.

    Your little angel seems so small. I forgot how babies look when they are born.
    You know, for me it’s a long time ago….


  16. Kathleen says:

    Dear Patrick @ Sheron, what a wonderful gift at Christmas time. Congratulations to you both on the safe arrival of your little Angel (ica). Now it will really be a special Christmas for you all. Best wishes.

  17. Patrick Ng says:

    She has her mother’s eyes indeed.

    Merci. En effet c’est un très beau cadeau de Noël. J’ai commencé une nouvelle vie depuis jeudi. Une vie sans beaucoup de temps pour me reposer lorsque j’en ai envie 🙂

    Merci. Oui, je lui parlerai beaucoup de Liverpool et de Bordeaux. Elle regardera les matchs sur les jambes de papa !

    @Paul Snowdon and Tanya
    Thanks. I wish I could get some sleep. I going back and forth between the hospital and home. Yesterday, I had to help her every 3 hours…my new life has begun. I’m not complaining. We got what we wanted.

    @Barb Boshart
    Thank you. As you would expect, I won’t be able to be at the exam today. I came back to grab some stuffs and heading back to the hospital.

    @Agnès Laurent
    Merci. C’est vrai qu’une nouvelle étape de notre vie commence. Par moment cela va être difficile, c’est sûr, mais la vie n’est pas toujours facile.

    Thank you Cat. Sheron has not seen the blog comments yet. I’ll show the comment to her once she’s home.

    @Célyne Lizotte
    Merci. Sheron et moi sommes un fatigué mais la fatigue fait désormais parti de notre vie. Nous avions un autre prénom aussi, mais je pense que nous avons fait le bon choix.

    @Jocelyne Brunet
    Thank you. She is small indeed because she showed up about 4 weeks before, and also because the pregnancy was a bit of a high risk one. But, she can scream quite loud when she’s not happy. This usually happens when she’s moved while she’s sleeping.

    Thank you. It’s a wonderful Christmas gift indeed. Very costly in terms of sleep, but very worth it. She does things her way. I guess she’s letting us know who is the boss. By the way, I think I’ll paint her room red, and write “You’ll Never Walk Alone” on her wall 🙂

  18. Ton Mike & family says:

    Congratulations! I hope the baby and the mother are doing fine.

    Take care.

  19. Nicole says:

    Congratulations Patrick! I am so happy for the both of you. I hope that everything is going well for Sheron and the baby. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the details.

  20. Patrick Ng says:

    Thanks Nicole. I’m hoping everything goes well too. It’s not easy as a parent to see your child with an IV line in her her head and a feeding tube going through her nose. But, sometimes the best solutions are not the most pleasant ones.

  21. Patrick Ng says:

    @ Ton Mike & family

    Thanks. Eveyrthing is fine so far unless she’s hungry.

  22. Sachin says:

    Félicitations à toi et à ta femme. Elle est belle votre petite 😀 .

  23. Joanne Backman says:

    Congrats Patrick and Sheron, on your beautiful Christmas present! I hope that all goes well and that your family can be in the comfort of home soon. Welcome Angelica!

  24. Yvon DeBlois says:

    Bonjour mon ami Patrick

    Félicitation pour cette magnifique fille. Je suis très heureux pour vous deux.
    J`espère que la maman se porte bien et que Angelica Marie vous apportera beaucoup de bonheur. Quel beau cadeau du ciel.
    Embrasse Angelica et la maman pour moi.
    Au plaisir de te revoir. Yvon

  25. Patrick Ng says:

    @ Sachin
    Merci. Je l’aime très fort 🙂 Une nouvelle page de ma vie commence. Je ne peux que souhaiter le même bonheur aux autre couples. En fait, dès que j’ai appris que ma femme était enceinte, j’ai eu une pensée spéciale à tous ceux et celles qui luttent pour avoir un bébé.

    @ Joanne Backman
    Thank you. She’s daddy’s little girl. I will surely have a lot of pictures of her over the years 😉

    @Yvon DeBlois
    Merci mon ami Yvon. Les filles vont bien. Elle est arrivée plus tôt que prévu mais elle se porte bien et fait le bonheur de ses parents.

  26. Collette Gasper says:

    Congradulations Patrick and Sharon on your new little miracle! She is truly beautiful!

  27. Patrick Ng says:

    @Collette Gasper
    Thank you. She’s a true miracle to us 🙂

  28. aline says:

    wow Congratulations!
    I like the name Angelica. =)
    It’s my first time seeing a photo of a newborn baby. I always assumed that they would be tiny. How long did she stay in the hospital before going home?

  29. Patrick Ng says:

    Thank you. We like the name too 🙂 At first, we were undecided between Angelica Marie and Léa Marie. But after we saw here, we felt that Angelica Marie suited her more. That being said, a baby girl born two days later was name Lea Marie :-).

    She’s a premature baby. She’s still in the hospital where she will stay until she’s at 1800 grammes at least, and able to breastfeed every 3 hours without being tired. She does not have an IV line anymore and she breathes on her own. However, being tiny, she gets tired if she’s breastfed every 3 hours. The best compromise is to alternate between breastfeeding and tube feeding.

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