Our baby will come home tonight if…

She passes her car seat test. With all the time spent in hospital since November and my exams, we never got to do anything with her room. We just have to improvise. She will be sleeping in a bassinet for now since she’s too small for the crib. Sheron and I will be sleeping on an old bed (in the room), which we hardly used before. Once, she’s big enough, we’ll remove the bed and let her sleep alone in her room. So for now, we will all be in Angelica’s room because the master bedroom gets too cold in Winter.

6 Responses to Our baby will come home tonight if…

  1. Dawn and Paul says:


  2. Patrick Ng says:

    Thank you. She’s home as from yesterday night. She’s a bit fussy. It could be because she moved into a different environment.

  3. aline says:

    She looks so tiny!

  4. Patrick Ng says:

    It’s because she’s tiny 🙂 Her weight when she left the hospital was 1,895 grammes.

  5. Vicky says:

    Wow, 4 lbs, 3 oz – that’s amazing.

    Can you explain the car seat test?

    I’m so happy you are home! You guys must be thrilled to finally be home.

  6. Patrick Ng says:

    She lost 5 grammes from two days after she came home. This is quite normal because she was going through a transition period. The doctor said that parents react differently the first few nights at home because they feel less confident without the nurses around. Babies feel the lack of confidence. Amazing, isn’t it?

    Car seat test is to make sure that she (being a premature baby) can hold her head in a good way so that she can breathe normally.

    We are happy to be home, that’s for sure, even if we were a bit scared at the beginning and are getting less sleep.

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