Moyens de communications des bébés – Babies’ means of communication

Les bébés ont un moyen de communication très efficace: les pleurs. Les pleurs des bébés ne s’arrêteront pas si vous feignez de ne pas les entendre. Bien au contraire, ils ne feront que s’intensifier. Ceci dit, il ne faut, cependant, pas croire les bébés utilisent le même type de pleur à chaque fois. Ils ont un type de pleur lorsqu’ils ont faim et un autre type lorsqu’ils ne sont tout simplement pas contents. Par exemple, Angelica pleura d’une certaine façon pour signifier qu’elle a faim (ce qui arrive très souvent) et d’une autre pour signifier qu’elle n’est pas contente (lorsque je lui enlève le biberon pour qu’elle fasse son rot).


Babies have a very effective means of communication: cries. The cries will not stop if you ignore them, but will rather instensify. That being said, we must not assume that babies use the same type of cry every time. They have one type of cry when they are hungry and another one when they are simply not happy. For example, Angelica will cry a certain way to let us know that  she is hungry (which happens a lot) and a different way to let us know that she is not happy (when I take away the bottle to burp her).


2 Responses to Moyens de communications des bébés – Babies’ means of communication

  1. Shah says:

    This entry is both informative and filled with cuteness. Hey, what about smiles and frowns?

    Take good care of yourselves. “Aww” @ the baby.

  2. Patrick Ng says:

    Thanks. I think I’ll post some stuffs that may be helpful to new parents. Sure, there’s a lot of websites out there that talked about parenting, but a little bit more information can’t hurt.

    My baby’s two weeks stay in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit was a blessing in disguise. Had she been allowed to leave the hospital just a day after birth, we would not have gathered so much valuable information. As new parents with no experience with newborns, let alone premature babies, the information we got from the nurses and doctors there was priceless.

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