New Toy

February 6, 2009


This is my new toy. It is “old” looking, heavy, and loud. But, it is a pleasure to type on and I love it.

There are three kinds of mechanical keyboards: buckling spring, Alps switches, and  Cherry switches keyboards. Of course you also have keyboards equipped with fake Alps or Cherry switches. That does not mean that they are not good keyboards, just that they are not equipped with the original switches.  You can find tons of information about keyboards here. I thought I was crazy about keyboards, but there are people out there who are even crazier than I am.

So far, my collection of mechanical keyboards is at its infant stage. I’m currently using a Unicomp Customizer 104 (bought new a few weeks ago) which is a buckling spring keyboard based on the old IBM Model M keyboard, I ordered a (new in box) Dell AT101W (Alps switches) from eBay for $10 yesterday. I can’t wait to test it, even if I have to use a USB-to-PS/2 converter. All I have to do now is find myself a keyboard equiped with Cherry switches and I will happy  for a year or two,because…there are various types of Cherry and Alps switches to try.

Here is a video I shot this morning using my MacBook’s webcam. It is not of the highest quality though. I still have to learn to touch type on the numbers row.

Update  25 March 2009

I was finally able to acquire a Cherry keyboard from However, instead of being very happy, I am experiencing what Barry Schwartz calls the paradox of choice. According to Barry Schwartz, too many choices do not make us happy but unhappy. When I’m using the Customizer, I want to use the Cherry, but when I’m using the Cherry, I want to go back to the Customizer. Thankfully, the Dell AT101W stays at the office, otherwise the problem would have been worse.

That being said, I’m still on the look out for other keyboards. I guess it is safe to say that I have keyboard addiction.