Plus vs Plus

A l’oral, le s est muet ou non selon le contexte. Si plus veut dire d’avantage, alors on doit prononcer le s à la fin.

Jean n’a pas mangé depuis deux jours. De plus
Il en veut plus.
Par contre, si plus a un sens négative, alors le s est muet.

Je n’en peux plus.
Jean n’a pas mangé depuis deux jours et moi non plus.

2 Responses to Plus vs Plus

  1. clive says:

    Interesting!!I never give the muet thing a single attention at school probably cos’ the teacher did not even explain the reason to us. “U sit there and glop all what need to know…”

  2. Patrick Ng says:

    Well, I did not know about it while I was at school either. Like you, I just sat down and read/write was I was told. I started to pay close attention to the word plus after I noticed that in some cases the s is silent whereas in other it is not. Interestingly, in Québec, the s in plus seems to be silent regardless of the context.

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