Dis maman, comment on fait les bébé?

Voilà une question à laquelle mon épouse et moi devrons répondre  un jour qu’on le veuille ou non. Je sais que nous serons mal à l’aise mais je pense que la meilleure solution serait d’être honnête et de ne pas lui répondre que les filles naissent dans les roses et les garçons dans les choux ni que c’est la cigogne qui dépose les enfants dans chaque famille. 

Pourquoi je pense que l’honnêté reste la meilleure solution? Et bien, il y aura forcément un de ses amis qui sache comment les bébés sont faits. Une fois qu’elle aura appris que ses parents lui ont menti, Angelica ne ferait plus confiance à ses parents, en l’occurence mon épouse et moi. Et ça, c’est ce que veux éviter à tout prix.

17 Responses to Dis maman, comment on fait les bébé?

  1. clive says:

    hmmm…. I think kids nowadays are more smart. There is the internet and i think at school compared to dodoland, there are some counselors who do sexual course. So do not stress yourselves unnecessarily. As the time comes, things will be at their place.

  2. Patrick Ng says:

    This is another reason why I think honesty is the way to go. Sooner or later, she’ll find such information on the net and will know whether her parents lied to her or not. Moreover, I would like her to come to us first before going on the net.

  3. Carine says:

    We’ll definitely tell our kids the real answer. I will be happy and will be looking forward to the day my kids ask me this question instead of searching for answers from the net or from others hehe. I think they learn in school too.

  4. Patrick Ng says:

    I will be telling Angelica the truth too 🙂 Curiously, I don’t recall having asked my mother this question. I remember asking her why her belly became big to which she replied that there was a baby inside. I was happy with that answer.

  5. Carine says:

    I asked mine but I can’t remember the moment and how I reacted or what she even told me! haha. I’m the youngest in the family, so I never saw my mum with a big belly. I think nowadays we are more open and shouldn’t find it uneasy to answer if that was the case many years ago.

  6. Patrick Ng says:

    Yes, our generation should (in theory) be more comfortable talking about such topics with our children. I think I remember you. Were you living in Ward IV by any chance?

  7. carineattan says:

    I don’t know which ward I was at. I should ask my mum hehe. Wait … you mean, you saw me when I was a baby (if it was me that you saw then)? 😛

  8. clive says:

    I recalled asking my parents same, in reply to which i got scolded. They would not answer me…:(

  9. Patrick Ng says:

    Is this not the answer for most questions when we were kids? “Zafer grand dimoune sa, pas bisin to conner.” was the answer for a lot of my questions.

    Does Harbour View mean something to you? I don’t think I saw you as a baby, but older.

  10. Carine says:

    Yes indeed! This is where I had the most fun when growing up!! Were we neighbours?

  11. Patrick Ng says:

    For the first 13 years of my life, I lived opposite to Harbour View 2. I think I know your brother 🙂 Those were some of the best years of my life.

  12. Carine says:

    I see … small world 🙂 Was your place near the mountain road that side? I think Harbour View 2 is pretty much quiet now, unlike last time with all of us, kids still around 🙂

  13. Patrick Ng says:

    Yes. I lived on the mountain side. Small world indeed. I had the chance to drive by recently, and I can say that indeed it changed a lot. It’s not as lively anymore.

  14. Eddy Young says:

    Patrick, I did not know you lived in ward 4!

    Andrew Attan is an awesome chess player. Taught me to play it at school.

  15. Patrick Ng says:

    Yes, I did up to the age of 13. Spent some wonderful time there.

  16. Shah says:


    I’d opt for “Fire up wikipedia (if it’s still around) and read about it, kiddo. And never engage into promiscuity or I’ll not only kick your butt but I’ll throw you out and your clearance to my servers and services shall be revoked. When you’re done, get some cookies and milk and fire the remasterd holographic TNG series. Go!”

  17. Patrick Ng says:

    Wikipedia 🙂

    It’s funny. Yesterday, my wife and I were talking about how much control we should impose on her internet access once she starts using it 🙂

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