Niouk Yen

June 22, 2009

My wife made some Niouk Yen today. It’s only her second attempt. Her first attempt was unsuccessful, but this time she did a wonderful job. Now, whenever we have some Niouk Yen cravings, instead of dreaming about them, we can make them.

Les soucis d’un père

June 5, 2009

On dit souvent que sa vie change complèment lorsqu’on devient père ou mère. Je peux vous dire que c’est tout à fait vrai. On se fait du souci facilement. Chaque matin je me réveille vers 04h00 pour étudier avant de me rendre au boulot. Ce matin, j’ai reçu un SMS de mon épouse me mettant au courant des huits cas suspects de fièvre dengue à Maurice.  Par conséquent, je n’ai pas pu étudier du tout. J’ai passé plus de deux heures à me faire du souci pour ma petite princesse. Je sais que la situation ne va pas s’améliorer avant qu’elle soit de retour au Canada le week-end prochain. Que Dieu me vienne en aide!



June 3, 2009

Since I’ve been back from vacation I have not cooked a single meal at home. I have been either eating out (Vietnamese cuisine) or eating microwave dinner. It’s very hard to find the motivation to cook for only one person. However, yesterday was different. Yesterday I wanted to treat myself with a nice homemade meal. So, I cooked myself a nice “salmi de boeuf” which I enjoyed with a glass of wine. Since my wife was not here, I could make the dish as hot as I wanted 🙂 I should have made more. It’s one of those dishes that are even better the next day. Oh well.

I wonder what I’ll cook next…

Angelica and her flower

June 1, 2009


Can you tell how much I miss her? It’s hard to believe that she was born 5 weeks early and weighing only 1.615 kg. A little less than two weeks more to wait before I can hold her in my arms again. 

It’s amazing how much a baby can change one’s life. I used to iron my clothes and even startch them from time to time. Nowadays, I buy wrinkle-resistant trousers and shirts so that I don’t have to iron them. I also used to dream about buying a Ford Mustang GT . I don’t anymore. My next vehicle is probably going to be a minivan. It does not matter though for the joy she brings to me is priceless.

Favourite airport

June 1, 2009

If I were to list all the airports I’ve been at in order of preference, I think the list would look like this:

  1. Jean Lesage (Quebec City)
  2. Charles de Gaulle (Paris)
  3. Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam (Mauritius). It’s always nice to visit my native land.
  4. Pearson (Toronto)
  5. Vancouver (Vancouver)
  6. Cointrin (Geneva)
  7. Trudeau (Montreal)
  8. Calgary (Calgary)
  9. Heathrow

I like Jean Lesage aiport the most because it’s small. Even if I am late arriving at the airport, I can still make it to the gate in time to catch my flight. I like Heathrow the least because they never know in advance at what gate my connecting flight is going to be unlike the other airports I’ve been. I have to keep watching the screens.

EDIT: I have to say that we got very good service at Heathrow though. We were having lunch at O’Neills and the waitress agreed to have the baby bottles washed.  

What is your favourite airport?