Angelica and her flower



Can you tell how much I miss her? It’s hard to believe that she was born 5 weeks early and weighing only 1.615 kg. A little less than two weeks more to wait before I can hold her in my arms again. 

It’s amazing how much a baby can change one’s life. I used to iron my clothes and even startch them from time to time. Nowadays, I buy wrinkle-resistant trousers and shirts so that I don’t have to iron them. I also used to dream about buying a Ford Mustang GT . I don’t anymore. My next vehicle is probably going to be a minivan. It does not matter though for the joy she brings to me is priceless.

7 Responses to Angelica and her flower

  1. Angele says:

    Your daughter is adorable. So chubby 🙂
    *pinch Angelica’s pink cheeks*

  2. Patrick Ng says:

    Thank you. I don’t know how much she’ll enjoy having her cheeks pinched though. When I was very little, my grandmother used to do that to me. I used to hate it, but found myself doing the same to other babies later on.

  3. Carine says:

    Pretty in pink 🙂

    What is the minimum number of weeks do babies need to have in order to travel by plane?

  4. Patrick Ng says:

    I don’t know what the minimum number of weeks is unfortunately. I think you’ll need to talk to your doctor about it because it can vary from baby to baby. Angelica was four months old when she travelled, I guess she was big enough. We were lucky because she timed her feeding time to match landing time on both flights on our way to Mauritius.

  5. Carine says:

    I see. 4 months isn’t too bad as I thought once we have babies, we can’t travel for at least 1-2 yrs 😛

  6. Patrick Ng says:

    I think it’s better to travel when the baby is under a year for once a baby reaches a certain weight or size, he or she will not get a bassinet. Moreover, if you plan to breastfeed it’s even better because you won’t have to worry about baby bottles. All you need is a nursing canopy. Once a baby starts to walk, he or she can be a handful on board of plane. I saw a mother walking up and down the aisle on my flight from London to Toronto recently.

  7. Shah says:

    Wow! Angelica is a real life Thumbelina!!! 🙂

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