Pressure Cooker TV

I was watching an episode of Pressure Cooker TV today and was surprised to see that sometimes the contestants were asked to prepare a dish to go with a particular wine. If the judges thought that the dish did not complement the wine well, they would lose points.  I was surprised because, except in the case of Champagne, dishes are usually not prepared to complement a particular wine, but rather a particular wine is chosen to complement a particular dish. Moreover, it is not the job of the Chef to recommend a particular wine, but rather that of the wine waiter. If this was not the case, why should a restaurant hire a wine waiter then?

6 Responses to Pressure Cooker TV

  1. Carine says:

    We had briyani and red wine last week lol.

  2. Patrick Ng says:

    Really? I have never heard of this combination before 🙂

  3. Carine says:

    I never had this combination until last week 😛

  4. Patrick Ng says:


    But you did not cook briyani to complement the red wine, did you?

  5. carine says:

    @ Patrick

    Nope, we just felt like opening a bottle of red wine. So we just grabbed one.

  6. Patrick Ng says:


    This confirms what I have always thought to be true: wine are chosen to complement dishes, not the other way around 🙂

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