Overprotective? Me? No way!

If you had told me 10 months ago that I would become an overprotective father, I would have replied that you were out of your mind. I never thought I would become so overprotective, but I have. I guess one doesn’t really know what it is like to be father until one becomes one.  Is it because I have a daughter and not a son? Hard to tell, but what I can say is that Angelica has completely changed my life. Life takes on a whole new meaning after her birth. All of a sudden, it’s not about me anymore, but about her. For example, the night before my last two exams, she woke up and cried twice. The next day, I went to my exams very very tired and had a tough time concentrating, but surprisingly, I was not angry at all. I guess this is what people call father’s love, isn’t it?

2 Responses to Overprotective? Me? No way!

  1. Angele says:

    Your love for Angelica shows through your words :).

    While reading this, I was thinking of my dad. Did he feel the same way too when I was still a baby and he felt he had to protect me against the world? I guess every dad feels this way, right? One thing I know for sure is that my father loved me so much and I am so proud to have had such a great dad. Sometimes I feel sad because I should have told him more often how much he meant to me.

    Cherish your daughter with all your heart. This bond between a father and her little girl is so special.

  2. Patrick Ng says:

    Thank you. I cannot see why your father would not have felt the same way. If he showed you a lot of love when he was still with you then I cannot see who he would not have been overprotective or at least very protective. You’re right the bond between a father and his little girl is very special.

    Right now, everything daddy does is funny. The only problem is that she does not want to sleep when she can see me because in her head daddy = fun. So, when it’s time to put her to bed, Sheron takes over and I have to leave the room.

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