I really enjoy taking Psychology classes even if there is a lot to read each time. In fact, I’m currently enrolled in Psych 253 – Social Psychology. I think I like Psychology for two reasons. First, it really is a very interesting subject. And second, I always learn something. In Psychology 101 – Introduction to Psychology, I learned about the Gestalt principle (the whole is not equal to the sum of its parts) for the first time and that when it comes to learning, an effective strategy is to study regularly, overlearn and to actively rehearse the material. In Psych 257 – Psychopathology, I learned that we are bio-psycho-social beings where our thoughts and behaviours are influenced both biologically, psychologically and socially. In my current Psychology class, so far one of the important things I’ve learned is about persuasion.


Well, now that I am a father, there are some social problems which are very frightening to me: peer pressure to do drugs and pressure to join cults. What I’ve learned is that parents should actively talk to their kids these things. Parents should first let their kids know that people will tempt them. It’s not a question of if but a question of when. Then they should teach them how to refute the persuasive arguments used by those tempting them. This is very important for if they can successfully resist a first attempt, they will become harder for others to tempt them again.

All I can hope now is that I will do a good job. I grew up in a culture where parents don’t really talk to their kids about these things. In Mauritius, parents don’t really know how to talk to their kids about sexuality and drugs.

10 Responses to Psychology

  1. Angele says:

    I took some psychology classes as elective courses when I was at uni. I chose psychology because I have always been interested in the subject. Some classes were kinda tough but I managed to pass all my exams with good grades 😉 But most of all, I enjoyed my psychology classes. Hahaha! I learned a lot for sure.

  2. Patrick Ng says:

    Yes Psychology is really interesting . In Psychology 101, I learned a bit about babies, that some of them will take longer to walk or longer to talk. This is why I never panicked when Angelica was taking longer to babble. Now she does 🙂

  3. Angele says:

    Woohoo new blog header? :p

  4. Patrick Ng says:

    Yes, I have a new blog header. Do you recognize the place?

  5. Angele says:

    Hmm that’s Le Morne??

  6. Patrick Ng says:


  7. Angele says:

    Yayyyy! What do I win? 😛

  8. Patrick Ng says:

    My appreciation? Is it enough? 🙂

  9. Angele says:


    Yeah I guess =) Oh and maybe you can add an iced caramel macchiato with that? Hahahah (^o^)

  10. Patrick Ng says:

    Unfortunately, I like my coffee black. I prefer espresso. I usually poke fun at my Canadian coworkers using a line I got from a coffee forum: “The coffee they drink, especially the latte, contains so much milk in it that the Italians would consider giving it to their children.” It’s not completely untrue though. North American like to drink lots and lots of coffee, but coffee which is very light compared to the coffee served in France for example. That being said, although I joke about it, I do understand that it is a culture thing. Most Canadians would not drink their coffee black, but would drink their tea without anything added. But most Mauritians would drink their tea with milk and sugar. Most Canadians don’t understand why someone would eat food packed with so much heat that he is sweating like crazy and claim it’s very good. Most Mauritians would totally undertand.

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