Canadian Road Design Engineers

There are times when I ask myself what were the Canadian road design engineers thinking about when they were designing the roads in Canada. Why would they put a pedestrian crossing in a turn or close to a roundabout is beyond me. Speaking of roundabout, it is a fairly new concept in Canada, and many Canadians simply don’t know how to tackle them thereby causing road accidents.

4 Responses to Canadian Road Design Engineers

  1. clive says:

    Haha! May be Mauritians need to coach canadians how to tackle a round about…

  2. Patrick Ng says:

    Seriously, I think they should learn from Mauritians how to tackle a round about. There’s something call four-way stop here which is a first-arrived, first-go rule.

  3. Doug says:

    Well in the states and I’m from Michigan,we have lots of these round about and they are the most confusing cross roads .They save nothing and I think create accidents .Who ever designed these should be shot.Some body got paid off some how , they even but a couple in the middle of a corn field here.,how do they expect you to cross one lane as you are merging and traffic is coming at you ,do they really thing people are going to let you cross over in front of them.

  4. Patrick Ng says:

    That’s my concern. How can they expect someone to stop in a turn to let a pedestrian cross. To stop in a turn is the most dangerous thing to do. People coming from behind will only see a stopped car at the last minute.

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