Am I a glutton for punishment?

I must really like Psychology for even if I always complain that there is a lot to read, I keep taking them. In May, I will be taking “Developmental Psychology” which will be my fifth Psychology course after Introductory Psychology, Psychopathology, Social Psychology, and Physiological Psychology . To say that I cannot wait for this course to begin would be an understatement. I have the feeling that the reading for this course is going to be very interesting (to me) because I will be able to compare it with what I am experiencing in real life.

I think the reason why I keep taking Psychology courses is that in each one of them, I learned a valuable lesson. For example, in Social Psychology, I learned that to persuade someone to do something, we can evoke fear and give the same person an option to get rid of the negative feeling. Salespeople like to use this strategy when they want to persuade someone to buy additional warranty.



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