The apple did not fall far from the tree

November 8, 2010

I am a very fast eater, mainly because I tend to put a lot of food in my mouth at once. And when I watch my daughter eat, I can honestly say that the apple did not fall far from the tree. She tends to put a lot of food in her mouth too 🙂

Halloween 2010

October 31, 2010

Angelica dressed up as a little bee.


My Little Bee


La Queuleuleu

September 12, 2010

Y a-t-il un mariage oĂč on ne joue pas cette chanson Ă  Maurice?


Is there a wedding in Mauritius where this song is not played?

The difference between bad and great service

September 6, 2010

Das Keyboard Ultimate Model S

A few weeks ago, I bought a Das Keyboard from to add to my mechanical keyboards collection. I was so eager to get my hands on it that, in order to cut down on the waiting time, I  had it shipped to my work place. The keyboard arrived two days after I placed my order online. I immediately opened the box, pulled the keyboard out, hooked it up to my PC, and started to type. Everything was perfect, the keys (Cherry MX Blue switches) felt wonderful and the sound they produced was very soothing. I was in love until…I had to use the semicolon key. For some reasons, that particular key was very different. Even though it did produce a click when pressed, the tactile bump was not very noticeable. Therefore, I had no other choice than to request an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorisation) and ship the keyboard back. Unfortunately, I had to pay for shipping again.

A few days later, I got an e-mail from telling me that they tested the keyboard and that they did not notice any difference. I called them and explained to the person on the phone why I returned the keyboard, once again. He kept repeating that the person who tested the keyboard could not find any problem with the semicolon key. I told him that I clearly mentioned in my RMA request that if one were to just press on the key slowly, one will not notice a big difference. However, if one were typing at a high speed, then one would notice the difference when one pressed on the semicolon key. He then told me the stupidest thing, “Sir, it’s perfectly normal for a keyboard to feel different when typing at a high speed.” I then asked him how he would explain that only one key felt different, to which he replied, “the tester did not find any problem with the key.”  I was so angry that I told him to just process my refund and to charge me for the 15% restocking fee because “I returned a perfectly working” product.

After that, I e-mailed Metadot, the OEM, and told them what happened. They quickly replied telling me not to agree to the restocking fee, if I had not agreed to that yet, and that they were willing to talk to their reseller. I replied back saying that I did not really have a choice since I had to ship the keyboard back and that I was too far from the reseller to go in person to show what I meant by the semicolon was defective. Directcanada is in Vancouver. Then came a big surprise. Metadot told me that, although they do not ship internationally, they would send me a free keyboard to make up for my bad experience. Now, this is what I call great service.

I was not looking for anything in particular when I wrote to Metadot. I just wanted to let them know that mechanical keyboard buyers, in most cases, know their stuffs. When they decide to buy a particular keyboard, they have usually read a lot about it, about it’s switches, its controller, etc. And when they report a problem, the problem exists in 99.99% of the time. Therefore, telling us that the problem does not exist when it DOES exists (I had someone else tried the keyboard as well) is like an insult.

Credit to Metadot though for making the right move. It’s a win-win situation.

Update 1 November 2010

I received my Das Keyboard Model S today and started typing a few words as soon as I got home from picking it up from the UPS depot. All the keys worked as they should and the typing experience was very very pleasant. I can see this keyboard becoming one of my favourite ones if not my favourite. It has everything I like in a keyboard: blue Cherry MX switches which are plate mounted. Two keyboards, both equipped with blue Cherry MX switches, will feel different if in one the switches are plate-mounted whereas in the other they are PCB-mounted. It is my current keyboard at work for the time being.

Les enfants grandissent trop vite – Babies grow too fast

August 23, 2010

DĂ©cembre 2008


Août 2010

Patrick’s restaurant

July 18, 2010

No, I did not open a restaurant, but it certainly felt like I had one today. I spent most of my Sunday cooking five dishes, and if I had more time I would have cooked a sixth dish. Some people may think that it’s ridiculous, but I think they are using their perspective when evaluating whether or not spending my Sunday cooking is ridiculous, rather than viewing it from my perspective. And I think they should use my perspective to view the “problem” before forming their opinion since my spending my Sunday cooking does not affect them at all, does it?

So, why do my wife and I often spend our  Sundary cooking? Well, first, we just love cooking, especially from scratch whenever we can. Cooking is a fun activity for us. We love using a sharp knife to cut vegetables and meat and a cast iron pot for dishes that need to simmer for a long time over low heat. Second, having food ready for the week makes life easier for us. Time is a luxury when both parents work. And third, we don’t like to eat prepackaged frozen food if we don’t have to.

In conclusion, when viewed from my perspective, spending turning my Sunday into a cooking day is not so ridiculous, is it?

Canadian Road Design Engineers

July 12, 2010

There are times when I ask myself what were the Canadian road design engineers thinking about when they were designing the roads in Canada. Why would they put a pedestrian crossing in a turn or close to a roundabout is beyond me. Speaking of roundabout, it is a fairly new concept in Canada, and many Canadians simply don’t know how to tackle them thereby causing road accidents.

Pourquoi Franck RibĂ©ry risque de ne pas ĂȘtre au match

June 11, 2010

Italic Handwriting

May 25, 2010

Italic HandwritingI’m currently learning italic handwriting with the help of a very old book  Italic Handwriting written by Tom Gourdie.  I still have a long way to go, but I’m having fun and having fun is important.

Fountain Pen

March 6, 2010

Waterman Phileas

I’ve decided to keep a journal for two reasons. First, I love fountain pens. I’m always looking for  an excuse to use one and second, I want to record the important things that are taking place in the life of my little family because twenty years from now, I may be unable recall what happened today. I hope that one day my child or children (who knows what the future holds for us :-)) will want to read it.