Chritmas and Gift Wrapping

December 24, 2009

When it comes to gifts, I usually take the easiest route: gift bags. Gift bags require the least amount of work. All you have to do is buy a gift bag from the dollar store, put the gift inside, and you’re done. This year, however, gift bags just did not seem right. They just did not seem beautiful enough under the Christmas tree, and most of all, they just did not seem beautiful and thoughtful enough for my daughter. This year, I bought some gift wrapping paper, sat down and wrapped the gifts for my daughter and my wife the old fashion way.

Now, that the gifts are wrapped and put under the Christmas tree, it’s time to think about tonight’s dinner. On the menu tonight: foie gras on toast with a touch of fig jam, oysters on the shell with mignonette sauce, and shrimp with a cocktail sauce (homemade mayonaisse with a touch of ketchup and cognac). I just have to decide what we will be having for dessert.



December 11, 2009


My baby girl is one year old today. Time really flies when you have a child. Sometimes I feel that she is growing too fast and want her to slow down so that I can enjoy her baby years. But, growing is a sign of a healthy baby.