Internet et vie privée – Internet and private life

Sommes-nous en train de divulguer trop d’informations personnelles sur l’internet ? Nous sommes nombreux à utiliser l’internet pour nos communications, transactions bancaires et à fréquenter les réseaux sociaux. Cependant, combien d’entre nous nous sommes-nous arrêtés, ne serait-ce que pour une seconde pour se dire que peut-être telle ou telle information ne devrait pas être publiée sur le net ?    


 Are we giving away too much personal information on the internet? Many of us use the internet for our communication, banking, and social network. However, how many of us have stopped at least for one second to ask ourselves whether this piece or that piece of information should not be published on the net ?


2 Responses to Internet et vie privée – Internet and private life

  1. Eddy Young says:

    When I started using the Internet in the early 1990s, the risks of identity were very low, so I gave out more information than I should in hindsight. Although that information does not necessarily include personal details, they can be used to identify certain of my interests — still not so good.

    People should be careful about the information that they reveal on social networks. Some information can be considered to be pretty much public domain, like date of birth (year with-held), employment, and country of residence. But, others should never be revealed, for example, address, credit card details, and family-related information. Many companies use the address, postcode, and date of birth as means to identify their customers on the phone, which is obviously insufficient to protect against impersonation.


  2. pngpingching says:

    I’ve probably given out a lot of information in the past as well, mostly when I was still in Mauritius. I don’t think I have done the same since moving to Canada, plus I have always stayed away from social neworks such as MySpace or Hi5. I created a profile on Facebook only because a colleague convinced me to do so 🙂

    Like you said, people should be careful about the information they include in their social networks profiles. Also, each one of us should be a little bit more careful not to reveal too much information about others (stories and pictures), although we do not mean any harm most of the times.

    By the way, thanks for the tip about with-holding the year of birth. I have given away my whole date of birth before…this has changed now.

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