Angelica à 5 mois

Angelica à 5 mois

Angelica à 5 mois

Je n’arrive pas à croire que ma petite princesse a déjà cinq mois, bientôt six. Je peux vous dire qu’elle fait la joie de ses parents. J’ai bien peur que bientôt elle n’aura plus ses cuisses et ses pieds dodus.

8 Responses to Angelica à 5 mois

  1. aline says:

    wow babies grown up so fast!I like this photo. She looks very happy. awwww.. So cute. I keep scrolling up to look at her photo again. Who bought the dress?
    Does she take after you or your wife? or maybe it’s too early to tell?

  2. Carine says:

    Pretty girl 🙂 So does she look more like the dad or the mum?

  3. Patrick Ng says:

    @Aline and Carine

    Thanks. I love that picture a lot. They are currently in Mauritius and will be back on June 14. I love this picture for whenever I feel lonely, all I have to do is look at the picture. She seems to be smiling at me 🙂 I love this dress, and I think it was given to us by one of my colleagues.

    As to whether she takes after me or my wife, well it depends on who you ask. Some people says she takes after her mother, some says she takes after me. Go figure. I guess it’s a perception problem, where each person’s brain sees what it wants to see.

  4. Eddy Young says:

    Very cute! I can’t tell whom of you or Sheron she resembles more.


  5. Eddy Young says:

    BTW, can’t believe you mispelled your only child’s name in the picture filename 🙂


  6. Patrick Ng says:

    Thank you. I cannot tell either. I fixed the name in the filename 🙂

  7. Shah says:

    She rules!

  8. Patrick Ng says:


    She does rule my world 🙂

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