Favourite airport

If I were to list all the airports I’ve been at in order of preference, I think the list would look like this:

  1. Jean Lesage (Quebec City)
  2. Charles de Gaulle (Paris)
  3. Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam (Mauritius). It’s always nice to visit my native land.
  4. Pearson (Toronto)
  5. Vancouver (Vancouver)
  6. Cointrin (Geneva)
  7. Trudeau (Montreal)
  8. Calgary (Calgary)
  9. Heathrow

I like Jean Lesage aiport the most because it’s small. Even if I am late arriving at the airport, I can still make it to the gate in time to catch my flight. I like Heathrow the least because they never know in advance at what gate my connecting flight is going to be unlike the other airports I’ve been. I have to keep watching the screens.

EDIT: I have to say that we got very good service at Heathrow though. We were having lunch at O’Neills and the waitress agreed to have the baby bottles washed.  

What is your favourite airport?

2 Responses to Favourite airport

  1. Angele says:

    Hahaha I’m going to be the total opposite of you here. I think I like Heathrow best 😛 The airport is huge and there’s so many things you can do while waiting for your flight that you almost lose track of time. That’s what happened to me actually! I had a plane to catch to Toronto and while waiting at Heathrow, I decided to do some shopping in the duty free shops and have lunch. I was so taken up with my stuff that I almost forgot to check my connecting flight for the gate. Good thing I remembered in time and I didn’t miss my flight. *lol*

  2. Patrick Ng says:

    I think if today I don’t like Heathrow it is because of a combination of a lot of factors.

    The first few times I flew back to Mauritius, I did not have a Canadian passport yet and had to wait inside for up to 11 hours sometimes. After a while it was boring going round and round again. I wish they kept the shower facilities. I was able to use these facilities only once.

    The reason why I did not (and still don’t) shop in the duty free shops in London is that the price level is pretty high compared to what I would pay in Canada with the taxes.

    My last stop at Heathrow could have been more enjoyable since I got Air Canada lounge coupons from my uncle. But, I was too sad after leaving my wife, daughter, brothers and parents behind. All I wanted was an internet connection so that I could get in touch with them.

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